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Details regarding the Studbook  PMI-TN




Studbook Name:



The stud-book is an offical register of the ECBG (European Conservation Breeding Group)






Reinhold Bauer, Alemannenstr. 28, 79774 Albbruck-Buch, Germany
Tel.: +49 7753 5161, Email: admin@pfauenfarm.de






The Studbook is under the leadership of the focus group for green peafowl (sub-group of WPA Germany). With a Studbook being created using breeding stocks shall be actively developed to support the conservation of Green Peafowl subspecies (Pavo Muticus Imperator).
To properly maintain a species successfully for the long-term in captivity the use of a Studbook system is essential. Only by gathering accurate information from specimens within a population can their degree of relationship be measured, preventing hybridization of species/ subspecies and maintain a populations genetic diversity long-term.

Individualized identification requires that all specimens are clearly marked and seen easily by everyone. The identification system has been created so it can be extended for other subspecies of green peafowl, which will eventually get then their own Studbook in same system.





Marking of
the Individual Specimens:

All offsprings will be marked with two rings:


1st Ring
closed numbered poultry ring, as issued by the WPA or other official organisations.

2nd Ring
A closed numbered special ring, which is given out only by the studbook keeper. Together with this ring a specimen identification  card for each bird will be issued on which both rings are recorded.
The colour of the second ring will remain same
This special ring has the following information marks:
- Issuer
- Studbook name, which is a combination between sub-species and natural range, first letters
- ring diameter size
- Continuous numbering which starts with 0001 and which continues upwards





Guidelines for Breeders:

All breeders (aviculturists) need to confirm, that only specimens listed and recommended to be bred together.


All offspring is to be reported with the related 1st ring number to the Studbook keeper, at which time they will receive the second special Studbook ring.


For each special ring an Specimen Identification card will be issued and provided to the breeder.


If specimens are changing ownership it needs to be recorded to the Studbook keeper. This is necessary to a updated Studbook and identify all specimen locations.


On the death of a specimen, its rings will be sent back to the Studbook keeper and will be destroyed.


If a specimen is sold to an individual who is not prepared to accept the conditions of this studbook program, this specimen will be removed from the managed population.





Design of the
2. Ring: