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Hello and warmly welcome on our















On our web page we would like to give you a short over few about our animals and aims.
But if you want more information or if you would like to join the conservation breeding program,
 then feel free to contact us



Prefacing to the history and our aims

In spring 1993 it happens, that we got a couple of Toulouse-Geese. From this day our interest in poultry farming was born.

First we got additionally to the geese different other kind of poultries as, chickens and ducks. But after some years we were more and more interested in ornamental birds and poultries.

For us it is amazing again and again how rich coloured the animals are and how many different models of behaviour you can find in the nature of these animals. During the last years we have permanently enlarged our facility and which is now nearly completely made for the breeding of green peafowl and parrots.

Unfortunately, the populations of many species in their natural habitat are endangered due to habitat destruction and excessive hunting. A further danger in many poultry populations, the birds from humans exposed are crossbreeding with wild birds. Nowadays it is already necessary to stabilize or re-establish the wild populations with pure birds from human breeding stocks.

With our green peafowl breeding we also would like to conservative pure breeding stocks of the different subspecies. Due to the above mentioned reasons are especially the animals that are native to the rapidly growing Asian countries are highly endangered.

If we have aroused your interest in breeding of green peafowl, so please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to each fellow, who supports us on the conservation program of pure sub-species of green peafowl.





Pictures of our facility



Top view of our facilities

Top view of our facilities



Our facility in winter

Our facility in winter



2009 finished facility for macaws

Protection house for macaws