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Pavo Muticus Imperator E








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The first two stud-book registered Imperator chicks for 2014 are now already one week old. The first imported green peafowl are now 3 years old and the males are fertilizing.























The breeding season for this year is started. We got the first two eggs of from the in 2011 imported green peafowl. This year these birds are now three years old and adult.
The hen has accepted the hatching box which I have prepared very well and did start to lay the eggs into it.
The target is that all hens are breeding the eggs by themselves. Our experiences have shown that natural hatched chicks are growing faster and having longer legs finally. If it continuous like now then we feel confident that we will achieve our target.








First two imperator eggs for 2014

Nesting box





Nesting box

Nesting box








On the following sides we have new pictures included:
Pavo Muticus Muticus E
Pavo Mutisus Imperator E








On the following sides we have new pictures included:
Breeding PM
Pavo Muticus Muticus E
Pavo Mutisus Imperator E
We and our Animals








The breeding season is over. Unfortunately, the young from Thailand imported imperator roosters didn’t fertilize well this year. There were only two fertilized eggs from one hen. We were able to hatch these two eggs and got two chicks. A milestone is achieved, the first chicks of the breeding program book PMI-TN are here!
For the Muticus it rans very well all the eggs were fertilized. This year we had a hatching rate of 100% and lost not one egg. Now we have to see what the sex ratio between the chicks will be.








Imperator chick, two days old, first offspring of the green peafowl which we have imported from Thailand








40 kinder garden children are visiting your peafowl.














The first green peafowl chicks for 2013 are hatched. The chicks are of the sub-species pavo muticus muticus. Based on the actual situation we can expect the first offspring of the stud-book registered Imperator in approx. 3 weeks.








New pictures in the album Pavo Muticus Muticus  and Pavo Muticus Imperator posted.





The breeding season has started and there are already the first eggs of the in 2011 imported Imperator from Thailand. But it remains to be seen whether the first two years of cocks already fertilize.
With a bit of luck it could give the first offspring this year.








To have an optimal basis for the stud book program, I have again four (3,1) Pavo Muticus Imperator imported from Thailand. Friedrich Esser had reserved the best animals for it which he had in 2012.
From the import of 2011 (4,9) are still (4,8) animals alive. If everything goes as expected, the first offsrings are available in 2013.
Here you will find some more pictures





Beim Verladen

Hahn 1


Fritz and Prani loading the peafowl

One of the roosters



Hahn 2 & 3 in Deutschland


Hen with a beautiful crest

Two roosters arrived in Germany








Today the annual focus group meeting for green peafowl was held at our farm.





All participants were of course very excited to see the 13 imported Imperators from Thailand. Consistently were all very pleasantly surprised how well the animals with only 13 months were already developed and in what a perfect condition they were.




During the meeting the details of the newly opened studbook were discussed and explained to all participants well. The focus group member Jacques Thant take this opportunity to take a pair of animals of these imported peafowl with him to Belgium. We wish him a lot of fun and good breeding luck in the future with this Imperator pair.








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After two years of preparation and a long struggle with the authorities in Thailand and Germany today 13 green peafowl have arrived in in our facility. All are of the subspecies Pavo Muticus Muticus. We would like here to thank again all our supporters without whom the whole thing would not have been possible. Pictures of the animals, we will regularly publish under the heading "Our peacocks / Pavo muticus imperator".








When loading in Thailand

At the airport in Chiang Mai





Finally arrived at the new home








Today Maggi a gray parrot entered our family.






11_maggi_005 Kopie








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The first green peafowl chickens are hatched out.





The three year old hen has successfully breeded  four chickens.














At the moment all breeding couples are in the  laying or hatching period.




The first Green Peafowl chickens should hatch out  beginning of June.








A three year old Indian Peacock hen is arrived.





Today We could pick up for our peacock breeding a new  hen in the Walter-Zoo (www.walterzoo.ch)The hen is needed for blood replacement..














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